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Have your hedges grown too thick? Is it becoming a problem to access your property because of stray branches? Are your neighbours cussing because your hedge is causing them problems?


We can help remove hedges entirely or trim them to make sure they're not causing you any problems, and to make their appearance a little less wild looking!

Shrub pruning for your convenience

Using specialist equipment, we can prune your shrubbery to give them a bit more control. Whether you have a large hedge in the back garden blocking sunlight or a small hedge growing into your driveway, we'll be able to help.

Our hedge cutting services

Do you want your hedges to be cut into a certain style or shape? As well as pruning, we can shape your hedges into something a bit more appealing on the eye for the decoration of your property.


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Whether for your home or business, we can provide hedge cutting services for any shape, size or style of hedging. Let us know where you need us, and we'll be round to help whether it's removing shrubbery or pruning it.

Services to suit you

Hedge cutting for your home or business

Got a pesky hedge that keeps getting in your way? Our hedge trimmers can help