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Specialist tree surgery services

Do you have a tree that is bothering you at your home or at your business? Do you want to keep an even shape for the trees in your garden or let some more light in? Or maybe the neighbours keep complaining?


At Oakside Tree Surgery Co, we can provide a number of different treatments for the trees at your property, no matter how big or small they are.

What type of tree do you have?

We can provide services for all types of trees. Whether you have a thick oak tree, a large willow tree or a tall horse chestnut tree, nothing is too big for our expert team. We'll help with all the clearing afterwards too.

How many trees do you have?

However many trees you have to be looked at, whether it's one tree or ten, we'll be delighted to help. We can keep your trees at the same height as one another by using specialist equipment to give your home a consistent look.


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What we can do for you

We offer different types of tree surgery depending on the request you have.  We can provide many services including:


 •  tree felling

 •  tree and shrub pruning

 •  hedge cutting

 •  tree reductions and maintenance

 •  removal of dangerous trees

 •  crown lifting and reducing

 •  wood chipping

 •  pollarding

We can help with all sized trees of any type for your home or business